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A Perez-Sneed Administration will invest in quality care that increases senior's quality of life and empowers them to age with dignity.

For too long, Maryland’s seniors have been without accessible, high-quality, long-term care, low-cost prescription drugs, and access to affordable housing.

Part of making Maryland a better home to seniors is ensuring that we partner with the AARP Age-Friendly Network to adopt policies and programs that make neighborhoods walkable, feature transportation options, enable access to key services, provide opportunities to participate in community activities, and support housing that’s affordable and adaptable. More than a dozen cities and counties in Maryland are already a part of this network, and it is time that our entire state adopts these values.

As Governor, Tom will support reforms that provide seniors with the quality of care they deserve by investing in our health system so those in need of long-term care have access to quality caregivers and safe and affordable housing. In our current system, individuals in need of long-term care are experiencing long waitlists and caregiver shortages. As Governor, Tom will address this issue by increasing care-giver wages, investing in workforce development of caregivers, and improving systems to connect caregivers with people who need long-term care. Tom will also expand Medicaid waivers to ensure that everyone who needs home- and community-based services, including seniors and individuals with disabilities, has access to the support they need to live independently. By making this critical investment, we can enable Marylanders to stay in their homes with greater dignity, lower costs, and improved quality of life.

Marylanders also deserve access to affordable prescription drugs. Currently, the Hogan Administration has allowed prescription drug prices to remain high by underfunding the Prescription Drug Affordability Board. A Perez-Sneed Administration will make prescription drug affordability a priority by granting the Prescription Drug Affordability Board the full authority and funding it needs to reduce drug prices. Tom will also permit the negotiation of prescription drug prices through Medicaid by partnering with the Maryland General Assembly and the Prescription Drug Affordability Board. Tom will also defend the rights of Maryland’s seniors by strengthening Maryland’s Nursing Home Bill of Rights to require increased reporting of life-threatening infections, establishing clear guidelines for maintaining and using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and creating visitation rules that work to protect our most vulnerable.