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Tom Perez Issues Statement on Gubernatorial Primary Election

July 23, 2022

TAKOMA PARK, MD — Maryland gubernatorial candidate and former Maryland and U.S. Labor Secretary Tom Perez today issued the following statement congratulating Wes Moore on winning the 2022 Maryland Democratic gubernatorial primary election:

“I congratulate Wes Moore and Aruna Miller on their hard-fought victory. Now is the time for us to unite, and I look forward to aggressively working with them to flip Maryland blue this November.

Over a year ago, we launched our campaign to create a Maryland that could deliver jobs, justice, and opportunity to every resident in every community. Traveling across our great state over this past year and sharing our vision with Marylanders has been one of the most rewarding and inspiring experiences of my life.

I am so very proud of all we’ve accomplished. We expect that by the time all votes have been counted, over 600,000 Democrats will have voted in this election — with over 100,000 ballots still being counted by local boards of election. While we expect that our campaign’s margin will continue to close in the coming days — it has become clear that we are not likely to close the gap.

We will continue to monitor the returns, which will be important not only for this primary, but will set precedent for this November’s general election, and beyond — where complete counts of vote-by-mail ballots will be critical for Democrats’ success. It is vital for every vote to be counted and equally important for the public to have patience in this process.

I am so incredibly thankful for our dedicated staff and our supporters — including respected elected officials, close friends, and organizations deeply personal to me, such as CASA in Action and Latino Victory Fund, as well as truly unprecedented support from unions all across our great state — for their work in helping build a diverse, progressive coalition who believed in bringing jobs, justice, and opportunity to every Marylander.

I also especially want to thank my family, including my wife Ann Marie, who has been my rock throughout this journey, and my kids, Amalia, Susana and Raffa, whose smiles remind me that the most important job I will ever have is “dad.” I will be forever grateful for the faith they, and so many others, had in our campaign — most of all my running mate Shannon Sneed, whose tenacity and grace has shown that she has an incredible future ahead of her in our Party and our community.

Today, I believe as strongly as ever, that Maryland has a once in a generation opportunity to address the most pressing challenges facing us. From combating climate change, to empowering our students and  educators, to protecting our democracy from an all-out assault, and beyond, we must work together to build the future our children and grandchildren deserve.

I also believe the stakes in this election have never been higher. In the era of a radicalized Supreme Court, states are now the last bastion of our civil rights. Meanwhile, Maryland Republicans have nominated Dan Cox, an extreme right-wing, QAnon conspiracy theory peddling insurrectionist as their candidate for governor. We cannot let that happen. And we cannot take anything for granted.

Our next governor must seize the opportunity to build a Maryland where zip code never determines destiny, where jobs, justice, and opportunity are available to everyone.

Amid our incredible challenges, I have unrelenting optimism that Marylanders can meet this moment. Together, let’s ensure Wes Moore and Aruna Miller are our next governor and lieutenant governor!

As always, onward.”