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Tom Perez Statement on United States Senate Failure to Pass Voting Rights Legislation

January 20, 2022

SILVER SPRING – Today, Maryland gubernatorial candidate and former Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Tom Perez released the below statement following the Senate’s failure to pass critical voting rights legislation amid voter suppression efforts across the country:

“The right to vote is our most sacred right. Over the last century, people have put their lives on the line to protect it. But last night, the United States Senate failed to defend access to the ballot amid efforts by states across the country to turn back the clock on voting rights, especially for people of color.

We've been to this movie time and time again. When I served in the Civil Rights Division at the Justice Department, we had the full strength of the Voting Rights Act to hold states accountable for their voter suppression efforts. Those protections were stripped away by the Supreme Court, and these latest attempts to suppress the right to vote are more dangerous than ever.

I’m profoundly disappointed in this result and the fact that 52 Senators chose to be complicit in these attacks. While we are frustrated and disappointed today, the fight is far from over. I’m proud of the 48 Senators, including Senators Cardin and Van Hollen, who voted to protect our voting rights. Let’s join them in speaking out, organizing, and holding our leaders accountable to protect the right to vote for every American.

Our democracy depends on it.”