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WATCH: Over A Dozen Baltimore Leaders Endorse Tom Perez for Governor

December 20, 2021

BALTIMORE ⁠— Today, Maryland gubernatorial candidate Tom Perez announced endorsements from prominent elected officials and community leaders from across Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

Watch the video above.

Endorsements include:
● Senator Cory McCray
● Delegate Luke Clippinger
● Delegate Carl Jackson
● Delegate Robbyn Lewis
● Delegate Dana Stein
● Former Delegate Salima Marriott Gibbs
● City Councilmember Kristerfer Burnett
● City Councilmember Ryan Dorsey
● City Councilmember Danielle McCray
● Former City Council President Mary Pat Clarke
● Community Association President Rita Crews
● Eze Jackson, Baltimore Musician/former labor organizer
● Reverend Dantwan Broady
● Small Business Owner Cesar Romero

These endorsements reflect Perez’s deep support and growing coalition in the Baltimore region: a region critical to winning the Democratic nomination for Governor. This announcement demonstrates that Perez is building momentum in and around Baltimore because of a genuine commitment to making the Baltimore region a priority as Governor.

“His heart is in the right place and he has the experience on the local, state, and federal levels,” said Senator Cory McCray. “We want somebody who can have a vision, think big and navigate the relationships — and he hits that trifecta. I’m proud to endorse my good friend Tom Perez for Governor.”

“Tom Perez is in it for all the right reasons. He has the experience to govern, and he wakes up every day to fight for the most vulnerable among us,” said Delegate Luke Clippinger. “Tom Perez is the Governor that Maryland needs. He’s who Baltimore needs. I’m so proud to give him my emphatic endorsement.”

“I have long credited my success in becoming who I am today with my local community center - as a young man, it kept me engaged, focused, and provided me with a wealth of opportunity that I would not have otherwise had,” said Delegate Carl Jackson. “I know firsthand the incredible impact that such programs can have on the life of a child and on a community as a whole. Like me, Tom Perez grew up going to a community center, and like me, he understands the importance of community engagement. Tom shares my vision and I am proud to support him for Governor.”

"Baltimore is a great city that needs an ally in the Governor's office. Tom Perez is an experienced leader with a heart for our people and our neighborhoods,” said Delegate Robbyn Lewis. “He's the Governor we need and I'm proud to support him."

“I’m proud to endorse Tom Perez for Governor,” said Delegate Dana Stein. “Tom is a tireless public servant who gets things done. Tom has the vision to lead Maryland to a more just and prosperous future.”

“I am pleased to give my strong support to Tom, especially because of his record and consistency as a public servant,” said former Delegate Dr. Salima Marriott Gibbs.

“My friend Tom Perez shares my values. He’ll be our partner in Annapolis and he’s ready to get to work to deliver for Baltimore and Marylanders across the state,” said City Councilmember Kristerfer Burnett. “Together, we can lift up workers, achieve real public transit solutions so people can access opportunities in the region, and we can address gun violence and the mental health crisis.”

I’m supporting Tom Perez for Governor because he gets both the basics and the big picture, that we have both urgent and long term needs, and he knows how to deliver on both,” said City Councilmember Ryan Dorsey. “Tom understands the investments and policy reforms necessary to bring about economic, housing, and environmental justice; and he has a real track record that assures he can actually deliver.”

“Tom Perez is a genuine public servant. He understands the issues of Marylanders and prioritizes listening to the voiceless to ensure equity and prosperity for all. He is a proven leader who knows how to make government work and delivers for the people. He recognizes that Maryland thrives when Baltimore thrives, and has taken actionable steps to meet with City residents and stakeholders to address concerns and promote innovation,” said City Councilmember Danielle McCray. “I’m thrilled to endorse my friend Tom. Together, we can elect a Governor committed to jobs, justice, and dignity for all.”

“I’m supporting Tom Perez for Governor of the State of Maryland,” said Former City Council President Mary Pat Clarke. “I can’t wait for our City to get the kind of effective and knowledgeable leadership we deserve. We need Tom.”

“One can tell the character of a man by his actions. Tom Perez has a lot of good actions,” said Belair-Edison Community Association President Rita Crews. “Perez is well-prepared with the know-how on Day One to lead Maryland and forge a meaningful partnership with Baltimore City to lift up our communities. He will be a fantastic Governor.”

“His whole career, Tom has fought for working people,” said Baltimore Musician and former labor organizer Eze Jackson. “At every level of government, he’s been a champion for the folks in the shadows. I’m excited to see what Governor Perez will do, and I’m proud to endorse him.”

“Tom is an asset to the Maryland community,” said Reverend Dantwan Broady. “The investment I believe he will make in our community will be life changing.”

“Tom is for the people,” said Cesar Romero, a small business owner in Bayview. “I know that he will support our local businesses that serve and strengthen our communities. I’m proud to support Tom Perez for Governor.”

Tom Perez is no stranger to Baltimore. For seven years, Tom served as a professor at the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law in Baltimore teaching in the Law and Healthcare program and running the Community Legal Clinic from 2001 until 2007. In 2007, Tom was appointed to be the Maryland Secretary of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation (DLLR), headquartered in Baltimore City. As DLLR Secretary, he fought against wage theft, implemented Maryland’s first-in-the-nation living wage law, hired more safety and health inspectors to keep Maryland workers out of hazardous workplace conditions, and led the charge to pass and implement mortgage and foreclosure protections for Maryland homeowners during the 2008 housing crisis.

Furthermore, in response to the unrest following the death of Freddie Gray in 2015, President Obama tapped Perez, then the U.S. Secretary of Labor, to assemble and lead a federal government team to work with Baltimore leaders on a range of issues. From Day One, Tom recognized the need to focus on the root causes that fueled the unrest: lack of access to job opportunities, deeply rooted racial inequality, and institutional mistrust. The Baltimore Federal Task Force brought together many of Tom's areas of expertise and the values that drive him: civil rights, workforce development, community partnerships, a sense of urgency and results, and of course a passion for and commitment to Baltimore.